Is Email Marketing Still Effective In 2020?

email marketing

Social media has become the dominant way of marketing and communicating but email marketing still has its relevance and importance.

Email marketing allows you to be more personable with your audience without having to directly speak to each person individually. Through emails you can share personal stories, industry content and have a call to action to your community.


When you utilize email marketing systems, you can keep track of how followers are engaging with your content. The systems will tell you who actually opens your email and if you have links in your email if that person actually clicks on your links. This is part of measuring your click conversion. With this insight you can spend more time on maintaining a relationship with your most active audience or establishing more of a relationship with your most inactive audience.


There’s this term in the email marketing world known as “email remarketing”. This basically means using specific criteria to target people who have signed up for your email list yet don’t interact with you by opening the emails or clicking your offer buttons. For example, when contacts have yet to open your email, with an email marketing solution, you can create an automated process to send them another email that may speak to them in a different way and even let them know you noticed they didn’t open the email.


The great thing about using a system is the data that comes with the software. Let’s just say someone does open your email and even goes so far as to click on a link. Maybe that link was to your upcoming event or a landing page for the sale of your book. Yet, you can look at your sales report and tell that they didn’t actually make a purchase. You can use this as a way to identify people who you could send another email to, with different copywriting of course, in an attempt to peak their interest and actually generate revenue. You may even want to offer them a special discount just to encourage their purchase and in turn make them feel valued as a potential customer and not just another email on your list.


Either way you look at it, email marketing allows you to get to know the buying habits of your customers based on the content you send them. It helps you identify those contacts that are warm leads versus cold leads, which effectively helps you make better marketing decisions for your business. If you’re not using some sort of system to manage your customer base, you are just doing transactions opposed to actually operating within a business structure.


 Marsha Guerrier is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, business analyst, business coach, and CEO of HerSuiteSpot®, a MWBE and SBE certified small business consulting and coaching agency that provides online and in-person support to early stage female founders looking to accelerate their business.

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