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Empower Your Business with the HerRise Microgrant

The Friends and Family Funders for Women of Color Entrepreneurs. The HerRise MicroGrant offers financial support to innovative Women of Color who struggle to secure funding for their community-impacting small businesses.

Women of Color are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. Yet, we face the greatest obstacles when scaling our businesses.  The Yva Jourdan Foundation, the nonprofit arm of HerSuiteSpot, raises money to help Women of Color entrepreneurs gain access to the coaching, community and capital they need to take their businesses to the next level.
The Yva Jourdan Foundation, Inc. in partnership with HerSuiteSpot has provided microgrants to Women of Color entrepreneurs since 2017 as a way to assist them in starting or growing a business. 
Small business grants are useful for financing a particular small business need. Past recipients used their growth grants for computers, equipment, marketing materials, software purchase, website creation and more.

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2024 HerRise MicroGrants

What's the process?

Every month our committee selects a winner from submitted applications. Apply by 11:59pm on the last day of the month to be eligible for that month. Winners will be revealed at the next month’s HerSuiteSpot First Friday Mixer. You do not have to be present to be selected.

Who should apply?

The HerRise MicroGrants, offering $1,000 each, are open to women of color entrepreneurs across diverse fields. Your business must be:

  • 51% owned by women of color 
  • Currently registered in the US
  • Less than $1 million in gross revenue

HerRise MicroGrant for Small Business

If you're an entrepreneur with a transformative vision, apply for the HerRise MicroGrant by sharing the essence of your business story.

Success Stories: Celebrating Our HerRise Grant Winners

Discover the inspiring journeys of our HerRise Grant recipients and see firsthand how their businesses have flourished with our support. These testimonials highlight the transformative impact the grant has had on both their entrepreneurial endeavors and their communities.



We understand the unique hurdles you, as a woman of color in entrepreneurship, frequently encounter – from facing funding disparities to breaking through representation barriers. At HerSuiteSpot Academy, we recognize these challenges and passionately share your aspirations for a thriving business, one that’s built on innovation, resilience, and collective success.

We Understand Your Journey

  • Access to Capital: Tackling the significant challenge of securing funding and investments, a hurdle often heightened for women of color in business.
  • Balancing Business and Personal Life: Finding the equilibrium between managing a successful business and fulfilling personal life commitments, a juggling act that requires skill and support.
  • Building a Strong Network: Overcoming the difficulty of establishing connections with key mentors, advisors, and business peers who can offer crucial support and opportunities.
  • Scaling Challenges: Identifying and implementing effective strategies for business growth, a critical step for long-term success.
  • Maintaining Mental and Emotional Well-being: Addressing the stress and emotional challenges that come with entrepreneurship, ensuring mental health is a priority.

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Sproutland Learning Center

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