How Prepared Is Your Business?

During this unprecedented time we are experiencing I wanted to reach out for a wellness check. The media is a great way to stay informed and learn about what’s going on in the world around us but it can also cause anxiety for some.

I understand how this pandemic can be cause for alarm, especially since I personally suffered for weeks with pneumonia this winter. I have been practicing social distancing for a few months now and I want to tell you, it will be okay.

What are we doing to support you?

At HerSuiteSpot we offer both online and in-person coaching and as of now we are operating our coaching sessions online. Thankfully we are able to work virtually with our clients and still make an impact. Is your business prepared with a disaster recovery plan in the event quarantine is required?

As we follow the necessary precautions provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for our personal well-being I thought it would be great to provide you with the tools you need for your business well-being.

I want to share with you my Small Business Disaster Checklist. This checklist will not only help you document a disaster recovery plan but if you don’t have one, it will get you started. Download the checklist here.

This checklist will help you:

1. Identify the critical business functions of your business.

2. Classify these critical business functions into the following categories: high (most severe), medium and low (least severe).

3. Complete the Critical Business Functions Chart with each critical business function.

Now is the perfect time to get your business setup to have more of a digital presence. Right now it’s being reported that people are watching more television and online content than ever before, and as a virtual business we are strategically positioned to be there to offer support.

HerSuiteSpot is about providing support and building community, we hope you can join us.

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