How 12 Entrepreneurs Manage Stress During a Crisis


Hey Queen,

Are you okay? We are half way through the year and WOW what an emotional roller coaster we’ve all experienced. Many of us started the year with a massive mission to change the world through our businesses. Then COVID19 pandemic happened and now we add in the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement that is affecting much necessary change.

These two events happening at the same time is a crisis unlike any our country and world has seen. Every day the news is constantly evolving with new situations which can cause a significant amount of stress. We are experiencing anxiety and stress that must be managed in order to cope and deal with the added responsibilities that we now face during this time.

We’ve been talking about mental health and self-care before 2020 and now more than ever we must adopt rituals of self-care to survive with our anxiety and stress. I wanted to know how other women entrepreneurs were prioritizing self-care and to get some tips we can all tap into.

Here’s a look at what the community had to say:

“Focusing on expanding my business, spending more family time and eliminate chit chat that’s unproductive. Finding “Me” time w my Chai and Jasmine teas while actually enjoy working from home.” Roxanne Bailey

“Walking 5 miles each morning. Quiet meditation when I return with a cup of hot tea and then I read my Bible. Avoiding overload of negative/disturbing images. Doing something creative every day.” Roslyne D Yates-Johnson

“I either take a walk or workout during the day, and I realize when I’m exhausted emotionally, mentally or physically and give myself grace to just be.” Jo Beavers

“Making sure I spend time with God first thing each morning. Giving myself permission not to be super woman. Readjusting my life each moment that I need to readjust and not beating myself up for it.” Kaysian Gordon

Taking breaks when needed. Pushing past distractions. And that famous Nightcap (wine spritzer) to wine down from the day.” Lorraine Magee

“Making sure I have quiet time, sitting outside getting fresh air. Reading and watching videos on things that interest me and doing something for my business every day.” Lisa Smith

“I am: 1. Reading more, watching TV less. 2. Exercising outside more – the home workouts we’re making it worse. 3. Practicing being still. 4. Actively remaining in gratitude 5. Writing out my daily To-Do list the night before, so that I can sleep well. 6. Journaling. 7. Feeding my creative energy!” Iesha D Williams

“Get as much rest as needed, Rethink my business, Brainstorming coming up with new ideas for my business, reading as much as I should & working out as much as I should.” Juliana Rivera

“Spending time with God and surrendering…..Self reflecting which is blessing me to meet me in higher levels….Giving of myself because that blesses my heart and finally taking time out to pamper me at home.” Catherine Joseph-Emmanuel

 “Read a book in the morning. Long walks while listening to music. End the night on my balcony sipping on Tea.” Coreen Simpson-Wright

“Before everyone wakes up I go outside and enjoy the sun rise and the birds chirping and just breath.” Sharon Devonish Leid

 “I’m not on SM as much. Staying focused and giving myself permission to take much needed breaks.” Terryl Ebony


 Marsha Guerrier is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, business analyst, business coach, and CEO of HerSuiteSpot®, a MWBE and SBE certified small business consulting and coaching agency that provides online and in-person support to early stage female founders looking to accelerate their business.


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