Empowering Wellness: Lauren Wells’ Journey with Hervival®

In the ever evolving world of holistic wellness and self-care, one name stands out: Lauren Wells, also known as the Gut Health Bestie™. As the driving force behind Hervival®, a wellness company committed to culturally competent well-being, Lauren’s mission is clear – to empower women of color to embrace optimal health through the practices of gut health and mindfulness. In a recent interview, we delved into Lauren’s motivations, daily routines, sources of inspiration, and her remarkable journey within the HerSuiteSpot community.

Lauren’s decision to become a part of the HerSuiteSpot community was fueled by its unique commitment to uplifting black and brown entrepreneurs. The platform’s emphasis on supporting underrepresented business owners struck a chord with her vision. Marsha’s expertise and nurturing approach further solidified her choice.

For Lauren, daily routines are more than just tasks – they’re a path to well-being. Her approach involves clearing mental clutter through a practice called “brain dumping.” This is followed by meticulous planning and content scheduling, ensuring that her work is aligned with her purpose and intention.

Networking has been an instrumental tool in Lauren’s entrepreneurial journey. It has not only opened doors to new opportunities but has also aligned her with like-minded individuals. Beyond professional connections, Lauren places immense value on her family’s unwavering support, her circle of mentors, and her clients who’ve not only offered opportunities but also acted as guiding lights in her path.

When asked about her definition of success, Lauren’s answer is a holistic one. Success, to her, is marked by abundance in love, strong family bonds, deep friendships, and a robust support network. This prosperity doesn’t hinder her growth; instead, it enhances her ability to sustain and expand her business endeavors.

Lauren’s exploration of literature has left a lasting impact. “Happy Pocketful of Money,” a book she treasures, has transformed her mindset, her financial approach, and her manifestation practices. Through its practical wisdom, she has seamlessly integrated these principles into her life and business.

Her taste in podcasts mirrors her open-minded approach to life. Lauren listens to a diverse range of platforms, allowing her to soak in a variety of perspectives and insights, contributing to her wealth of knowledge and personal growth.

For those stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, Lauren offers deeply introspective advice. She urges aspiring entrepreneurs to engage in co-creation with the divine before diving into action. Anchoring oneself in the “why” – the core essence – is crucial before embarking on the rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship. This grounding, she believes, acts as a steadfast guide through the inevitable highs and lows.

Lauren Wells epitomizes empowerment through wellness, fusing mindfulness and cultural competence into her wellness practices. Her journey, marked by resilience and community spirit, aligns perfectly with HerSuiteSpot’s ethos – a platform where diverse voices unite to inspire and uplift. As Lauren continues to nurture the minds and bodies of women of color through Hervival®, her story remains an inspiration of transformation and hope.

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