4 Ways to be Yourself Unapologetically

living unapologetically

4 Ways to be Yourself Unapologetically

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t feel comfortable being themselves. Does any of these reasons apply to you:

  1. Parent’s warned you that you need to “assimilate” to be accepted
  2. School kids made fun of you because you were “different”
  3. Your supervisor refused to let you work “your way”
  4. You were bullied on social media for being yourself

The list goes on and on. Like John Lennon once said, ”It’s weird not to be weird.” If you are determined to be happy and fulfilled in life, then you have to be yourself unapologetically. Here 4 steps to do this with ease and grace!

#1 Choose You

Are you living life for yourself or for someone else? This might seem like an obvious question, but you have to ask yourself this question when making daily decisions. It is easy to get caught up with the wants and needs of others to the point where you aren’t prioritizing your own wants and needs. Living unapologetically means you choose yourself every day.

#2 Do What You Love  

What’s on your bliss list? If you want to love your life, you need to do what you love on a daily basis. If you love to read, make sure you read every day. If you love to write, start your day writing. You are in control of your schedule and it is up to you to plan to do things that make you feel happy to be alive.

#3 Focus on What Matters Most   

Living unapologetically means you aren’t focused on…

  1. What other people’s opinion of you
  2. What your family thinks about you
  3. What strangers think about you
  4. What others think about your decisions

Focus on you and what you want out of life. You don’t have to time to focus on what others think about you. Why? Everyone is going to have an opinion about you and your decisions. If you paid attention to those beliefs, this would stand in the way of you being able to do what you want. Why do this to yourself?

#4 Don’t Ask for Permission  

You don’t need to permission to be yourself. No, you don’t need to ask anyone else to decide the following:

  1. What you want to wear
  2. What career to choose
  3. Where you want to live
  4. Who you spend time with
  5. How you present yourself

The time is NOW to get out there and enjoy living unapologetically!


Natasha Nurse is a speaker, coach, podcaster, and content creator. She started Dressing Room 8 to provide a web-based resource where women can gain personal and professional empowerment through her fashion and lifestyle focused blog. Dressing Room 8 helps women learn how to think with clarity, dress with confidence, and live with purpose. She is the Lifestyle Editor for Plus Model Magazine and she co-hosts a podcast with her husband called WokeNFree

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