10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need an Exclusive Network for Women of Color

You’ve heard it before: it’s lonely at the top, and women of color have to work twice as hard to get half as far.

This is why our Founder Marsha Guerrier created HerSuiteSpot. In this global network for women of color, you can find resources, ask questions, share your story and give advice.

We’re here for you. We’ve been there. Now let’s lean on each other to make things better for all women of color in the workplace. 

  1. We are a global community of women of color who can help you get the answers, resources, and support needed to grow your business.  
  1. You will have access to a sisterhood of amazing women who want to see you succeed. 
  1. You will have ongoing access to webinars that focus on topics that are important to you, such as money management, setting boundaries, work-life balance, business successes and so much more!
  1. The monthly HerSuiteSpot Experience podcast feature interviews with women of color around the world who share their stories and experiences to help you learn and grow on your entrepreneurial and professional career journey. 
  1. You can ask questions, share information, recommend resources, and tell your story to inspire other members of our network. 
  1. Through our network, you will gain access to other networks of women of color in the US, and internationally who are part of our global community. 
  1. Our private community groups allow for even more connection with other members for support and camaraderie (only available for paid members). 
  1. We offer online courses that teach you how to use the 4 pillars of business success (Media, Marketing, Mindset, and Money) to grow your business or career AND how to create new income streams for your business. 
  1. It’s not just about getting career advice from successful women of color in your chosen field, it’s also having access to women who have been there before you and can offer guidance on how to navigate situations that may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable for you. 
  1. The HerSuiteSpot network will provide you with the encouragement and confidence you need to get up every morning and pursue your goals with renewed vigor! 

If you’re a woman of color who identifies as an entrepreneur, you have probably experienced at least one of the following situations:

  • Being the only woman of color in your group or on your board of director 
  • Feeling like your gender or race is being judged in a negative way
  • You feel like you are being treated differently because of your race or gender
  •  You are struggling to find mentorship and support
  • You are feeling lonely and isolated

If this resonates with you then you will benefit greatly from joining a network for women of color designed to support and elevate you in your career and business. The HerSuiteSpot network  can be a lifesaver for many women as it provides support, resources, mentorship, and more. 

Are you ready to become a member

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