A Hub for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

Step into the digital community plus business development membership where visionary women of color unite, uplift, and thrive.

We recognize the distinct hurdles faced by women of color in business. Feeling isolated? Facing business challenges? Struggling to secure funding?  We’re here to change that narrative.

Explore a dynamic community that resonates with your dreams and obstacles. Immerse yourself in our unique online events and discussion boards, crafted to foster collaboration, forge connections, and nurture personal development.

Key Features:

  1. Connect with Like-Minded Professionals: Access a vibrant community of professional women to expand your network, promote your business, seek answers, and find support and inspiration.

  2. Business Planner & Goal Setting Manifesto: Prepare your business for growth with our user-friendly online business planner. Create a comprehensive business plan to share with investors, partners, and advisors.

  3. Monthly Business Planning Session: Set clear goals and strategize for the month ahead in our interactive group planning session. Get answers to your toughest questions.

  4. Monthly Learning Lab Events: Gain valuable insights from expert-led learning lab events on relevant business topics. Stay ahead of the curve with monthly sessions.

  5. Event Replays: Can’t attend live events? No worries. Access event replays and over 30 masterclasses anytime, anywhere. Learn at your own pace.

  6. HerSuiteSpot App: Stay connected on the go with the HerSuiteSpot app. Access the community, learning lab, and more from your mobile device.

Become a part of our movement today. Together, let's reshape the business landscape, bridging racial equity gaps and crafting an inclusive tomorrow.

Flexible payment options

Start Monthly

$ 39 Per Monthly
  • Ideal for women seeking a self-paced program to build a business plan and expand their network.

Start Annually

$ 390 Per Annually
  • Save 2 months when you pay for the year. Your membership will renew each year.
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See Why Our Members Call HerSuiteSpot a Game-Changer for Women of Color Entrepreneurs.

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Monthly Business Planning sessions: Set goals and plan out your month and get your most challenging questions answered in our monthly group planning session.

Monthly Workshops: Engage in our hands-on monthly workshops, curated to provide actionable insights and skill enhancement. Covering a range of relevant topics, these workshops are your gateway to mastering the latest trends, tools, and strategies in the entrepreneurial world.


Prepare your business for more clients, revenue and access to funding with our simple business planner and goal setting manifesto. Let this guide the actions you take to reach new milestones every quarter.

Our coaches help you think through every aspect of your business — so you can be more marketable, share your business with advisors and investors to get access to capital. 

Write your business plans, be more marketable, know your financials and reach your goals a lot quicker. 


We have over 30 videos in our library for you to dive right into as soon as you join, from full courses on career mastery to business growth mastery, to expert workshops replays to improve your skillsets in our 4 pillars of success: mindset, money, marketing and media.

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.


Our special interest groups is what makes the network special and the place to go for answers to your questions, to get feedback, gain support or inspiration, or simply get to know other like-minded professional women.

We may be biased, but we happen to think our members are amazing with a wide range of skills and expertise. They make the network an incredible resource to turn to 24/7.

..all of this and much more ONLY inside HerSuiteSpot!

Dive into a community tailored exclusively for women of color by women of color entrepreneurs. Here, you’re not just another member – you’re part of a movement. We’ve decoded the challenges you face, and we’re armed with solutions. Our platform isn’t just about connections, it’s about catapulting your business to heights you’ve only dreamed of. Join us and let’s redefine success together.


HerSuiteSpot First Friday Mixer


A lot of factors can go into determining the right fit, but here is a checklist to start you off:

  • You have a clear goal in mind that is achievable
  • You desire a group of like-minded professionals who are working on similar goals
  • You thrive in spaces where you can share openly and receive feedback from several voices
  • Working on your own (either via self-help books or attending one-day workshops) has been insufficient in seeing the results you want
  • You are ready to reinvent your relationship to accountability

HerSuiteSpot is committed to providing our members a safe space to share without fear. As your coach, HerSuiteSpot guarantees that the conversations shared remain confidential. In a group setting, part of the agreement for each group member is that they will also honor the same confidentiality policy.

Each group is curated by looking for a few common threads that will help each woman identify with similar issues.

We don’t allow anyone to pick a group. This allows us to ensure there is a diverse group that represents a broad cross-section of our members. That said, we can definitely try to find a group that aligns with your goals.

Yes. Our app will allow you to chat with members across groups as well as request help from the entire network, as well as provide help to the community at large. We host monthly mixers so members from different groups can get to know each other.

We meet online. Online groups allow a bit more flexibility to match up with a broader range of women. But you will have an opportunity to meet in-person at our annual HerRise Conference. As we establish chapters there will be an opportunity to meet in-person.

Meetings tend to run 1.5 hours and each group meets 2x a month on your groups assigned day and time.

A HerSuiteSpot coach will led each meeting to make sure that the cadence of the meeting stays on track and to answer any questions on a range of topics.