The 3 Timeless Assets for You Right Now

We all look at life from different angles and perspectives; therefore, we all look at what is helpful, what is useful and what is useless uniquely.

But one thing is for sure, knowing the difference between what is to our benefit and what is not, can make the difference in our companies, in our careers and ultimately our lives.

From hiring the right personnel, to choosing the right person in business and in life, there are some assets that will carry to you into all the useful possibilities before you and help you identify what is not.

Here are the 3 Timeless Assets for You Right Now:

Asset # 1: Your Mind

Our self comes above everything else.

We are not good to anyone if we are not good to ourselves.

This relates to the person you are within, your individuality, your thoughts, your beliefs, your likes and your dislikes. 

All these things make up our selves; ultimately, they make up our mind.

We are all given unique thinking and it is important to preserve healthy thinking and mental health. 

Enhancements and modifications for the better (or worse) are always happening within us.

And at the core of it all, our mind is the most powerful compass and asset we have to guiding and directing us towards forward progress and success.

Remember in your asset arsenal: Before any action, there is a thought and then a decision.

So ask yourself how you use your thought life, your mind to your benefit.

Master the art of RARC, yes RARC! “Respond and Remain Centered,” thinking mastery! 

Asset # 2: Our Imagination  

The second important thing in your life is your imagination.

The imagination is a faculty of our mind that creates and synthesize solutions, opportunities, and situations that are without any limitation. 

And a large part of our capacity and mental faculty is giving ourselves permission to dream, believe in the possibilities and express what our best outcomes look like through our imagination visual processes.

Struggling with your ability to see yourself happy, well, and prosperous? You maybe struggling with your self-image, learn how to improve your self-image and self-talk.

Asset # 3: Our Emotions

Emotions is the faculty that is called the barometer of our awareness. 

Emotions are not a matter of right or wrong, good or bad; merely, an opportunity to go deeper within ourselves to uncover new lessons, new pivots and new scripts.

And sometimes we really don’t realize we are coping ineffectively in our emotions to our detriment – a liability- until we realize … we are not coping effectively.

Whatever the scenario is, it is not important.

The most important key is that you realize the way in which you are handling things your emotions to use them as an opportunities not as setbacks.

And if you have been using your emotions as a liability, there is always an opportunity to use them to your betterment.

Learn how to manage your emotions and cope in life more effectively. 

Assets of a Lifetime

Some of us want to run the world, some of us want to influence the mere ecosystems where we stand, and for some we are still trying to figure it out. 

But, though we are in unique journeys and paths of purpose, there are several common elements among us, and this is true for the CEO as well as a the new intern and that is there are timeless assets we all have that are inalienable and no respect of persons: mind, imagination and emotions to move in the great direction and beings that we are.

Assets or liability is a matter of choice. Simply by changing your thought life and thought processes consistently will help open doors to new ways of handling your daily life to where once were deficits are now assets beyond measure!

Temeka T. Stanley is the CEO and Founder of Effective New Creative Solutions, a new age personal development platform offering a fresh perspective on everyday problems. With her mission to inspire minds so they can thrive, she looks to help the people see not the limitations in their lives; yet, the possibilities and embrace them. Follow her on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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