Membership Payment


Select the membership and payment option that best fits your financial needs.

Once your payment is received you will be placed in a group and receive a welcome phone call from a HerSuiteSpot team member.


This membership is best for women ready to master their business skills, increase their income and develop relationships.

  • HerSuiteSpot Toolkit

    Have direct access to our career center and learning lab filled with workshops and downloads on topics in mindset, money, marketing and media.

  • Group Coaching

    Join a weekly group coaching calls to have access to business strategies to help you with advancing to the next level. Gain different viewpoints, perspectives, opinions, and approaches to problems and challenges led by a HerSuiteSpot coach.

  • Goal Setting Manifesto

    Your goal setting manifesto is where you set your goals for the next 12 months. Use this to guide what actions you take for the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months during your membership. Attend monthly intentions setting calls.

  • Get Featured

    Get featured in the press with a press release announcing your membership as a HerSuiteSpot SuiteMaster.

  • Exclusive Network

    Access to a private virtual group with your SuiteMasters to connect on a deeper level.

  • Event Discount

    Special pricing for our special events including the HerRise Conference.

  • HerSuiteSpot Swag

    Get a HerSuiteSpot t-shirt and notebook. Let everyone know you're a SuiteMaster!

$99 Monthly

$999 Annually

save $189


This membership is best for women looking for a strategic partner to coach them through their small business journey.

  • SuiteMasters

    Get access to all the benefits of the SuiteMasters membership.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    One private coaching call per month to get strategic guidance and your most challenging questions answered.

  • Build Your Brand SEO

    Get featured on the HerSuiteSpot podcast, website, and on social media. Opportunity to contribute content to the HerSuiteSpot blog.

  • Speaking Opportunity

    SuiteMavericks have an opportunity to present at the annual HerRise Conference. Work with lead coach Marsha on a signature workshop.

  • HerRise Awards

    Opportunity to be recognized as a HerSuiteSpot Women of Distinction at the HerRise Conference.

$199 Monthly

$1999 Annually

save $389


A lot of factors can go into determining the right fit, but here is a checklist to start you off:

  • You have a clear goal in mind that is achievable
  • You desire a group of like-minded professionals who are working on similar goals
  • You thrive in spaces where you can share openly and receive feedback from several voices
  • Working on your own (either via self-help books or attending one-day workshops) has been insufficient in seeing the results you want
  • You are ready to reinvent your relationship to accountability

HerSuiteSpot is committed to providing our members a safe space to share without fear. As your coach, HerSuiteSpot guarantees that the conversations shared remain confidential. In a group setting, part of the agreement for each group member is that they will also honor the same confidentiality policy.

Each group is curated by looking for a few common threads that will help each woman identify with similar issues.

We don’t allow anyone to pick a group. This allows us to ensure there is a diverse group that represents a broad cross-section of our members. That said, we can definitely try to find a group that aligns with your goals.

Yes. Our app will allow you to chat with members across groups as well as request help from the entire network, as well as provide help to the community at large. We host monthly mixers so members from different groups can get to know each other.

We meet online. Online groups allow a bit more flexibility to match up with a broader range of women. But you will have an opportunity to meet in-person at our annual HerRise Conference. As we establish chapters there will be an opportunity to meet in-person.

Meetings tend to run 1.5 hours and each group meets once a week on your groups assigned day and time.

A HerSuiteSpot coach will led each meeting to make sure that the cadence of the meeting stays on track and to answer any questions on a range of topics.