How to Stay Centered Through Breathing

stay centered

Many are stressed and like we are at a disarray,  but the root of it all, is finding a way to be focused, centered and at ease minimizing the stimuli of distraction.

Distraction is in Our DNA

In the early years, human beings could be able to feel whatever was in the environment by detecting which is a natural mechanism of distraction as a form of survival.

They could either detect predators or mates and so they would be distracted from whatever they were doing and do something with what was at hand first. 

This was basically a way of surviving. 

Today’s Distractions

However, this response has changed greatly especially in today’s world which is so urbanized and moves very fast. 

Instead of predators of the wild, the most things that draw our attention are things like gossips, billboards and social media newsfeed messages. 

Nowadays our stimulation is so high to the point of us becoming insensitive. This works in a way that instead of our stimuli helping us to pay attention it distracts us from vital works and things of chief concerns. 

Master the Art of Now! 

The Solution in a Breath

The best thing is that we have a solution to the problem and it does not cost us much or rather anything. The solution is the way we breathe.

There is a relation between our breathing and concentration. 

A brain which has got enough oxygen and normal when it comes to breathing is fit and functions well. 

Did you know? 

Different styles of breathing techniques help the brain cells not to die quickly. The brain cells cannot be stimulated and so once they die that is it. 

Learn how to breathe deeply through meditation. 


Breathing deep, slowly and regularly helps us to make our body strong. 

Your muscles become flexible and do not wear out or get fatigued easily. 

When you are relaxed, it is so much easier for you to concentrate and respond effectively the everyday happenings of life.

When in doubt, breathe. 

When you do, you embrace possibilities!

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Temeka T. Stanley is the CEO and Founder of Effective New Creative Solutions, a new age personal development platform offering a fresh perspective on everyday problems. With her mission to inspire minds so they can thrive, she looks to help the people see not the limitations in their lives; yet, the possibilities and embrace them. Follow her on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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