How to Enrich Yourself in a Busy World

Everyone’s mantra today seems to be the same—there’s just too much work for me to do!

The idea of doing some things you want to do almost appear to be a fleeting dream. And then for some us, being busy without a moment breath appears to be the badge of honor of real success.

In the world we live in with more responsibilities to manage, everyone around us is biting more than they can chew and so, to appear as if you make time for anything else is counter cultural.

The reality is, we all should and yes you could do a few things that ignite you, refresh you and give you perspective on your everyday life.

In doing so, you give yourself a bit of self-care that we all need from time to time.

Here are 5 Things You Can Do to Enrich You:

Spend Time With Your Passions

Is there something that you really like to do, a real passion?

You should spend time doing it at least once a week.

Imagine that playing tennis is a real passion with you but you don’t get time to play it any more.

Even so, you should try to wedge it somewhere at least once during the week.

Or maybe you can invite your office people over to play tennis with you.

And if social distancing creates a limited on it, maybe joining a Facebook group of tennis enthusiasts that you check into from time to time can be a helpful outlet for your love for tennis.

Make time for the things that excite you, allow you to simply be and rejuvenate your mood.

Invest in Personal Development Resources

Buy a good self-help tape which gives good, life-changing advice.

There are many such motivating tapes that you can get your hands on.

Listen to them when you drive to work.

A really good motivating tape in the morning can make your day.

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Refresh with Music

Did you know?

Listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory (John Hopkins 2020).

Get some music you really like and put it into the player when you are driving to work, while you’re working or cleaning your house.

Need some extra mojo in the morning?

Start your day with a motivational song!

There’s nothing like a dose of your favorite songs in the morning when the whole day stretches yawningly in front of you.

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Find Time to Connect with Good Friends

Talk to your friends when you can.

This is something that can really cheer you up.

Maybe you can create a schedule and talk to a different friend each week.

This is also a great way to socialize because people don’t exactly have the time to meet their friends regularly nowadays.

The best time to call them is in the lazy afternoons when everything slows down to almost a halt.

We are created for connection don’t let the busy days isolate you from the ones you love most.

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Rest & Reset

One of the most refreshing and regenerating activities you can do is allowing your body to rest.

Got 30 minutes to spare?

Take a short power nap.

If you have some important work looming in front of you that is going to take the considerable part of the evening, and you are feeling sleepy already?

It may be time to take a power nap.

Set the mood: close all doors to your room, sit on the most comfortable chair you have, draw the drapes and go off to sleep.

Set an alarm to wake up after 20 minutes.

When you wake up, let the dredges of sleep subside, and you will find yourself to be a new, refreshed person ready take on your next tasks.

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Pause, Because You’re Worth It!

Try these tips to rejuvenate the inner ‘you’ even when you are busy. You will find the difference making its appearance felt soon enough. And when you do, you are embracing possibilities!

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Temeka T. Stanley is the CEO and Founder of Effective New Creative Solutions, a new age personal development platform offering a fresh perspective on everyday problems. With her mission to inspire minds so they can thrive, she looks to help the people see not the limitations in their lives; yet, the possibilities and embrace them. Follow her on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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