Client Case Study – The Learning Way Child Care

The Learning Way Child Care

Founder Profile

Contact Name:                       Milagros Vicente

Location:                                 Valley Stream, NY

Corporate Career:                  Legal

Years in Business:                 5

Business Profile

Business Name:                    The Learning Way

Business Industry:                Child Care


Website URL:               

the learning way child care

The Situation

The client was experiencing lack of brand identity and needed a social media strategy

Our Approach

We worked with Milagros to create a detailed goal setting plan and developed action steps to maximize success. We worked with the client to develop a social media strategy that is manageable and realistic. We updated her website and worked on a marketing plan.

The Impact:

As a result of working with Marsha the client has seen a revenue increase of 5 to 10%, customer acquisition has increased 5 to 10% and continues to see growth. Milagros reports she is able to lead clients to a nicer landing page of her website and has increased social media engagement.