Client Case Study – MB Florals

MB Florals

Founder’s Profile

Founder’s Name:          Marjorie Bien-Aime

City:                               Baldwin NY

Corporate Career:       Office Management

Years in Business:      5


Business Profile

Company Name:         MB Florals

Business Industry:      Floral


Website URL:     

Social Media URL:

MB Florals

The Situation

The client Marjorie wanted to create a legal entity for her business. She was experience low website traffic and needed to begin attracting her ideal client. She also needed to develop a social media strategy.

Our Approach

Working with Marjorie we developed her business plan and created a roadmap for achieving her goals. Together we developed a social media strategy that will attract her ideal customer. We also ensure Marjorie has a financial plan to achieve her sales goals.


As a result of working with Marsha client has an 1 to 4% increase in revenue and a 5 to 10% increase in client acquisition. Marjorie’s social media engagement has improved which supported the increase in client acquisition. Networking within the HerSuiteSpot community has allowed her to build new strategic partners.