Client Case Study – Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics

Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics

Founder Profile

Contact Name:            Stacey Nicoleau

Location:                      Queens, NY

Corporate Career:       Medical Secretary

Years in Business:      3

Business Profile

Company Name:         Mademoiselle Mackenzie Cosmetics

Business Industry:      Beauty


Website URL:     

Social Media URL:

The Situation

The client was in early stage of entrepreneurship and needed help with her business setup. She wanted to improve businesses lack of brand identity, develop a sales strategy, and set goal setting to be held accountability for achieving them.

Our Approach

Working with Stacey we identified achievable goals and created an action plan that she immediate implemented. The plan included building a sales funnel, creating a plan for the business with a personalized roadmap. We restructured the product pricing and mapped out a social media strategy that Stacey could maintain.

The Impact

As a result of working with Marsha the client has seen both revenue increase and customer acquisition of over 30% respectively. During our strategy sessions we helped Stacey curate content that was appealing to her target audience. Marsha also offered practical advice on how to engage with clients during vending events whether they were looking to shop or merely just looking. We setup an email blast system that allowed client to stay in contact with clients. Which all lead to increase sales and client relationships.

We created a financial plan that allowed the client to stay on top of her expenses and allocate the revenue into different account for different purposes. Other areas that were covered was how to effectively collaborate with other business owners and how to affectively and fairly price my products.