7 Things That Will Help You Stay Inspired In Your Career

When I started my career in the 1990s, (don’t say one word ,lol) it was a different world. I had to make a phone call or send a fax to find an open position and then fill out piles of paperwork just to get an interview. Now with just one click of my mouse, I can apply for jobs all over the world. This is why staying motivated as you move through your career has become more complex than ever—and yet we need that motivation more than ever!

Have a coffee chat with a female leader.

One of the best ways to keep your career inspiration high is by getting to know other women who are also working in your field. Ask them about their career journey and what they would do differently. Ask them about their biggest challenges and how they overcame them. And finally, ask them about their goals for the future.

What’s more, get to know a female leader in your industry by having coffee with her! You can learn a lot from someone who has already been there, done that—and maybe even gotten back up again after falling down (because we all fall down).

Make a vision board.

  • A vision board is a visual representation of your goals.
  • The idea is to create a physical representation of your goals.
  • You can use images, words, and quotes to create a vision board.
  • It’s important to make a new one every month or two because things change quickly in life and you need to be able to adjust your focus accordingly.

Start volunteering.

Start volunteering. Volunteering allows you to meet new people and develop new interests, which can help inspire you in your career. Volunteering also helps you build skills that can be useful for your careers, such as teamwork or communication. If you’re thinking about a particular career path, volunteering can give you an idea of whether it’s right for you and what kind of work would be a good fit for your personality. Finally, volunteering is a great way to add something positive to your resume—you’ll have more experience under “work” than people who haven’t volunteered!

Take a social media break.

If you’re one of the many people who are on social media all day long, it can be hard to take a break. But if you want to stay inspired in your career, taking a break from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is the best way to do it.

Social media has its benefits: it’s a great way to connect with friends and family; it’s also a great way to stay connected with your community; and finally, if you’re into marketing or digital communications as much as I am, then social media can help keep your finger on the pulse of latest trends in communications – that’s why I’m here!

Tap into the self-help market.

The self-help market is your friend. If you have a problem, the self-help market has a solution. No matter what issue you’re facing, whether it’s challenging in your career or just trouble to sleep at night because of anxiety about the challenges in your career, there is someone somewhere who will help you with this problem for as little as $19.99 a month. It’s tempting to dismiss this as nonsense or as one more way for rich people to get richer by making money off their suffering (and often, for poor people to get poorer by buying their suffering). However, I’ve found that some of these books can actually be helpful in terms of personal development:

  • In HerSuiteSpot, we teach you how to change your mindset so that even if things aren’t going well at work right now (or ever), they won’t always be bad and will hopefully improve someday soon!
  • We can show you how we should behave when we are faced with challenges like finding ourselves unemployed after being laid off from our jobs as editors at a website dedicated exclusively to helping others succeed professionally while simultaneously providing them with opportunities for networking within the industry without causing too much conflict between those who earn enough income online doing freelance work on weekends while also encouraging others not yet able to do so themselves due mainly because their families rely on those earnings since both parents work full time during regular business hours Monday through Friday before leaving early on Fridays so they don’t miss any family time together over weekends during school vacations–which are very short compared

Avoid burnout by taking time for yourself.

You can’t be inspirational if you don’t take care of yourself. If you feel like your job is burning a hole in your soul, it might be time to take a break and recharge. What do I mean by “take a break?” I mean stop working on the project that’s been stressing you out and do something else for a while instead—whether that means going for a walk, watching an episode of Friends on Netflix, or playing with your pet hamster (if you have one).

Don’t forget: After work is done, there’s life! It’s important not only to take breaks from work but also to make time for things outside of your career because they are just as important as any other aspect of your life. For example, you may love what you do, but doing nothing but work all day can cause burnout and lead to serious health issues down the road if left unchecked. Take some time off every once in a while so that when it comes back around again later on down the road there won’t be any issues related specifically to stress levels associated with work itself — instead, there’ll just be problems about how much longer until payday arrives!

Power up your mornings with meditation.

Meditation is a natural way to boost your focus and get your mind in the right place for the day ahead.

It’s been proven that meditating for just five minutes a day can help you become more mindful, less stressed, and more productive.

As an added bonus, it can also help you better manage stressors in your life, so if you tend to react negatively when things go wrong at work or home (and who doesn’t?), meditation might be a great option for learning how not to let those situations get the best of you.

Getting started is simple: All it takes is setting aside some time each morning (even if just 15 minutes) and finding a quiet place where no one will bother you—the bathroom works perfectly! Then sit down cross-legged on the floor or in an armchair with good back support; close your eyes; breathe deeply through your nose until there are no thoughts left in your head; envision yourself as calm as possible; then repeat this process until 5 minutes have passed by. You can do anything for five minutes!

Do these things to stay motivated and feel happier in your career

  • Have a coffee chat with a female leader
  • Make a vision board
  • Start volunteering
  • Take a social media break
  • Tap into the self-help market; you’ll feel better about yourself and have fun at the same time!
  • Avoid burnout by taking time for yourself. Remember to power up your mornings with meditation, or paint in your free time.


You may not be able to control the world around you, but you can control how you react to it. So when everything seems bleak and hopeless, remember: don’t panic! The thing about being an entrepreneur is that we have a lot of control over our own lives. It might not seem like it sometimes—especially during those moments when all your ideas have failed and everyone thinks your business should just give up already—but there is always something else we can do. And maybe that something else is just taking some time off from work so as not to burn ourselves out before reaching success (or even finding success at all).

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