3 Ways to Manage Change

Change: that 6 letter word that can make some of us squirm in our seats, lose our minds, and lose our way. 

Sometimes it may feel it difficult, sometimes even impossible to manage change especially when venturing out into entrepreneurship.

But don’t lose heart if the change is tough for you because like most things, you can develop your ability to successfully adjust to the shifts and currents in life. 

Here are three methods which will help you in dealing with change: 


1. Keep a Positive Outlook: 

Did you know? We as humans are wired to be problem-centric thinkers. In other words, we tend to see the fault, shortcoming, and complaint in most issues instead of seeing them from a lens of opportunity and innovative solutions. 

This also includes our perspective on change. 

Rather than seeing change as a shift to something better, we can naturally respond to seeing change as something bad.

However, maintaining a positive attitude is very helpful in all circumstances.  Confront change with a Positive Mental Attitude Response (P-MAR), channeling your initial reaction to change not as a problem or trouble; yet, as a new uncharted opportunity, lesson, and blessing you are uncovering.

Learn how to improve your mental thinking and problem solving skills through the Positive Mental Attitude Response Model, P-MAR.


2.Embrace the Art of Acceptance: 

Accepting the change in a positive way is most important to handle any change that takes place every day in your life. 

Accepting the change is winning half the battle. When you have accepted the change, you can easily manage it in an appropriate manner. 

Avoiding change only makes your need to face change bigger and more glaring by the moment. 

Bob Proctor, one of the world’s leading personal development leaders, speaks of resistance at best: 

What you resist, will persist. Because when you resist, you are directing negative energy towards what you are resisting and when doing so, you make it harder for the problem to get resolved. Pay attention to your body, when you are struggling with something, you are not letting things flow.

You may not always be ready to face the changes as you are not expecting them. 

But, you can accept them as part of life and deal with them suitably.

Move from resistance to acceptance in every aspect of your life.


3.Develop a Coping Support Mechanism

It is invaluable to have healthy outlets to communicate changes especially with your family, work team and friends to get their help and support in confronting and dealing with change.

A healthy support system will provide you with guidance and accountability about navigating shifts successfully. 

Most of all, you will always feel better with people around you that care about you, as you face the present and future undercurrents. 

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Cast Your Care, Change is Coming!

Changes are inevitable. 

Change is the constant you can depend on throughout every aspect of your business and ultimately, your life. 

You cannot avoid change. 

All changes are attributed to some of the other causes. It may not be possible for you to discover the reasons immediately. But, at the proper time, you will be able to find out the reason for every particular matter of change. 

And so, instead of fighting the wave, consider these three useful ways to build your strategy to deal with change without it changing you for the worse.

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Temeka T. Stanley is the CEO and Founder of Effective New Creative Solutions, a new age personal development platform offering a fresh perspective on everyday problems. With her mission to inspire minds so they can thrive, she looks to help the people see not the limitations in their lives; yet, the possibilities and embrace them. Follow her on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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