3 Keys to Master Your Net Worth in Your Network

The currency of success is not the sum of your bank account(s), in a profit and loss statement nor in your net assets; yet, the currency of your success is in your relationships. The truth is your relationship with a CEO as well as your relationship with the bank teller, all have equal ability to matter at some point. From very casual to highly intimate, every relationship can be that influential catalyst in your life.   


To master your network, there are three keys to unlock the unlimited potential in your relationships: 

Key 1: Having Diversity in Relationships

All relationships are unique.  Every relationship is not the same.  You meet people at different seasons of your life that carry unique interests and challenges you’re facing at the time. They are all meant to be different for a reason because every relationship creates the diversity you need. It is this diversity that cultivates a plethora of avenues for you to grow, learn and be a better well-rounded version of yourself. If everyone you knew only liked Italian food how could you ever learn and discover the palette of Asian Cuisine? 


Here’s a simple Asian Recipe that’s easy to make for those days you’re short on time! You miss out on the rich flavors of ginger, anise spice, curry, sesame, teriyaki, soy and much more! The same goes for any facet of life especially professionally. Connect with people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

This will help you problem-solve from different angles and think outside the box in your own industry. 

Key 2: Nurturing Your Relationships

Like anything, what you put into a relationship is what you get out of them. This does not mean now that you have to wish every single LinkedIn connection a good morning or wish them a happy birthday via sending out daily personal messages. Depending on the number of connections you have, this may not be unrealistic. However, stopping by to say good morning to your team of 5 people and see how things are coming along for 15 minutes before you start your day is feasible. Maybe you work from home and you’re not in the office. Maybe you are self-employed and it’s just you. That is okay, but there is someone you can be intentional about connecting with. This person could very well be the person who makes your coffee at the local coffee shop or the person you always see at the gym for your morning run. Also, remain a curious person for this curiosity opens doors. Maybe you always wanted to know what a day as a film director is like, reach out to one and find out. You’d be surprised at how many people take appreciation in you for taking an interest in their interests. This doesn’t mean that now you’re going to be a film director, but it does break the ice with someone who may remember you as the person who took an interest in them. Sometimes stepping out and reaching out to people is awkward to you or it may feel too vulnerable, but it is okay. 


Be okay with feeling vulnerable. 

Be okay with needing assistance.

Be okay with not knowing the answers. 

Being vulnerable makes you human.

Seeking assistance leads to support.

Questions answered lead to clarity.

Key 3: Managing Your Relationships 

When managing your relationships always remember the constant that will always be in them is you. Therefore, taking the time to know yourself and being self-aware is key. 


What makes you tick?

Do you prefer emails or over phone calls?

Do you prefer phone calls or text messages?

What can overwhelm you?

Do you know how to say yes?

Do you know how to say no?

All of these self-reflective questions and much more, help you manage yourself in all facets of relationships. As you understand yourself more, you can have the proper views on relationship building and ultimately, maintain them realistically for yourself. You Are a Success Right Now! 


When things get tough… 

You are feeling lost… 

Feeling poor in spirit… 

Feeling helpless without direction… 

Lost the job… 

Didn’t get the contract… 

Know that your greatest asset is not in your circumstances; yet, the relationships you cultivate. Never measure your net worth by merely dollars and sense. You are far more successful than you know! You have far more wealth than you can to take the bank. It is a blank check you can write any amount in, so put a big number on it!  And always remember, your net worth is in your network. 

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Temeka T. Stanley is the CEO and Founder of Effective New Creative Solutions, a new age personal development platform offering a fresh perspective on everyday problems. With her mission to inspire minds so they can thrive, she looks to help the people see not the limitations in their lives; yet, the possibilities and embrace them. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.    

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